Young people making a difference...

Cake sale for piglets


In September our older kids (Zzub group) organised a cake sale after the Sunday morning service, to raise money to buy piglets for families in Africa.  They raised 52 pounds which is equivalent to 3.7 piglets!  This came out of discussions during Zzub at the Sunday service, when they decided that this was something they could do to help.


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Cleaning the War Memorial


Here are some pictures of Zzub cleaning the war memorial, ready for the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the First World War, in August 2014.  They had fun cleaning, then enjoyed some chocolate cake on the bench in the sunshine!


Zzub Cafe (more piglets!)


More fundraising by Zzub in October, as the whole congregation was welcomed in to the Zzub Cafe after Sunday service.  Tea, freshly brewed coffee and delicious muffins were on offer, with orders taken and delivered to our tables by some very polite apron-clad waiters.