Life Events at St. Paul's

Baptism is a very special service which welcomes someone new into the church family.  It is a time when a definite decision is made to try to follow Jesus, and marks the start of a journey where we continue to learn more about God's love for us, with the support of family, godparents and the church family too.


Some people don't feel able to affirm their faith with integrity and so may choose a thanksgiving service for their child instead. And some parents want to wait for their children to make the decision for themselves and they have a dedication service, with baptism following, when the child expresses a desire to be baptised (which may happen at any age).


Weddings are very special services and we love doing weddings at St. Paul's! For everyone getting married in church, it is an opportunity to invite God to bless their marriage and to be with them day by day throughout their married life. We pray for the couple and agree to support them too. This is a great start to this stage in their relationship. And for some couples, getting married in St. Paul's will be particularly special as their family may have been married here in the past.


To support couples preparing for marriage we run a marriage preparation day each year. This covers some really helpful practical thoughts on relationships and gives an opportunity to discuss some of the more difficult aspects (with each other - not as a group!). We have found that all couples have found it a useful time to reflect - something we don't often manage to do!

Funerals. The loss of a loved one brings a great sense of sadness and as a church we hope to offer support and comfort at this difficult time. While the funeral director will make most of the arrangements for you, you are also welcome to contact the Vicar at St. Paul's straight away (See Contact Us / Vicar on the menus above). This means we can answer questions you may have, start to pray for you and help you with some of the decisions involved. When you speak to your funeral director let them know that you are thinking of involving us at St. Paul's church and they will then contact the Vicar to make arrangements.

We have a hall on our site (The Old School) and you are welcome to see if it is available for hire for a reception after yourservice. See 'Hall Hire' under the 'Contact Us' menu.