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Hospitality is valued very highly in the Bible.

It is a great way to build comunity and to help others.

For the early church it helped protect those who were traveling, like Paul and his friends.

So our hospitality challenge for the holidays is to host a few of your family or friends in your garden. Make invitations, think about what you can do to help them feel at home and have what they need while they visit.

Paul and Barnabas
Claire's Challenge (2 min 12)
Peter escapes prison
Candle prayers
Escape room!
Barnabas story
Our favourite things
Fruit prayers
Story - Peter and Cornelius
Pizza making
Pizza Prayers!
Part 1: Saul's journey
Part 2: changing bananas!
Part 3: friends
Ethiopian game!
Introducing our session
Paperchain prayers
Part 4: encouraging rocks!
Part 5: time to calm down
Part 6: "Lava Lamp" prayers
Chariot challenge
"Coffee" prayers
Make a Messy Church Treat!

We want to make a video of all your encouraging comments and lots of cheering to help us keep going! Here is an example. Whatsapp or e-mail you video to Claire and we will join them together!

Example video

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