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As a church, we love to meet and worship God together but our faith is also about what we do as we go out from church. Part of our vision is that we aim to be at the heart of the community in Tongham and Runfold, supporting and helping all. We also want to support people around the world in practical ways and show them God's love; helping them in their journey of faith.


So "we put our money where our mouth is" and support a range of charities.


Locally we collect all year through for the Farnham Food Bank (Claire can also make referrals). At our Harvest services we collect for Step by Step housing charity in Aldershot and on the first Sunday in December we collect Christmas gifts for a local women's refuge.


Many in our congregations also support Compassion, who help children around the world get an education through sponsorship.


Each year we decide which charities we are going to support with regular gifts of money.  In 2016, we have chosen to continue to support the work done by Phyllis Tuckwell and Water Aid, and in addition, to focus on projects where we have personal links through members of our congregation, and therefore the potential for developing closer links and involvement.  


We are continuing to support 2 projects in Nepal, where we have personal contact through a member of our church family.  These are:

  • a unit treating victims of burns both accidental from fire and cooker accidents and deliberate

  • working to train pastors, teach slum children and work in prisons


This year we have added support for two new projects, again with personal links to the church:

  • Blythswood Care, which runs a shoebox appeal to help children and adults in Europe, Asia and Africa,

  • Bishop Anthony Poggo's project to provide a maternity hospital in S. Sudan.


For more information about the charities which we have chosen to support in 2015, click on the link below. 















Compassion is an international Christian child development and child advocacy ministry. Partnering with local churches, we are committed to the spiritual, economic, social and physical development of children living in extreme poverty in 26 countries, enabling them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults.

Mission 2017 - our chosen charities

Please look at the links for the things we support and, if you would like to, join us as we try to make a difference locally and worldwide.

Previously known as Emmaus Projects, Step by Step was established 15 years ago, and has been growing steadily. It now has 13 separate projects  including accommodation, training, development and counselling.


Mission:  To empower homeless people and those facing adversity to achieve their full potential


Vision:  What we want to become:   a leading organisation which sets a standard for excellence and continually develops to meet the needs of homeless people and those facing adversity.

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